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Shokunin Dou connects you to Japan.



I.  Agency of Japanese Craft Makers

i) Sell partner makers' products.

ii) Introduce Japanese craftspeople and their works.

II.  Personal Shopper Service

i) Buy Japanese products on behalf of you and ship it.

ii) Help to find Japanese products that you are looking for.

iii) Provide works which is related to Japanese things or shopping in Japan.


I.  Intermediation of Japanese Crafts

Shokunin Dou introduces Japanese crafts and sell them.  You can buy all products on SHOP page via Shokunin Dou.  Shokunin Dou can also handle other Japanese crafts which is not listed on this website. 

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II.  Personal Shopper Service

Shokunin Dou helps your shopping.  You can request to buy or search Japanese products you want.  Also, this service is not limited to just buying and searching products or shops.  Shokunin Dou would do other works which is related to Japanese things or shopping in Japan.

This service is for people who have problems buying Japanese products, like people who don't understand Japanese and they can't search for what they want, or people who are not in Japan and they have no way to buy what they want.

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Contact Inforomation

Name: Yuki Teranishi

E-mail: contact@shokunindou.com

Address: 15-9, Shimoochiai, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa 257-0026, Japan