Price & Service charge

Service I     "Agency of Japanese Craft Makers"

Listed Products - Price is appearing on each product page.

Other Products (Currently not listed) - It will be priced based on maker's selling price.

Service II     "Personal Shopper Service"

Forwarding Products (Just buy and ship service) - Margin is 10% of total cost. (Minimum margin is 1,000 JPY.)

Other Works (Searching products, comunicating with a seller, etc.) - Margin is 10+%.  To be negotiated.

Shipping charge

Shipping charge is not included in the price listed on product pages.

In usual cases, Shokunin Dou submits quotations and charges product price and shipping charge separately in order not to overcharge shipping cost to customers based on misestimation of package weight.

  1. At first, Shokunin Dou send a quotation without shipping charge.
  2. When the payment is confirmed, Shokunin Dou starts the purchasing process.
  3. Once the ordered items arrived, Shokunin Dou checks the items and repacks and weighs it.  Based on that weight, Shokunin Dou calculates shipping charge and submit a quotation of it.
  4. When the payment of shipping charge is confirmed, the package is shipped out to the customer.


  • Packing fee is occasionally included in shipping charge. 

  • It's possible to tell rough estimation of shipping charge before customer places order.

  • Shokunin Dou keeps purchased items for a maximum of 3 months if Shokunin Dou got not to be able to contact or correspond to a customer.  In case the storage time passes over 3 months, Shokunin Dou won't keep the items any longer and will handle it with Shokunin Dou's authority.

Currency unit

Product prices which are appearing on this website are denominated in Japanese yen.  

On quotation, prices are normally denominated in U.S. dollar but other currency unit is available.

Refund Policy

Payment would be refunded in case stocks of the item run out at the time of ordering or when purchased items are returned by authorized reason.

Once we received returned item, we will inspect it and notify the customer if the returned item is approved as refundable or not.  When the returned item is approved, we will initiate the refund.  The customer will receive the refund value within a certain amount of days, depending on the credit card issuer's policies.

We should use PayPal, Payoneer, or bank transfer to refund.  Other ways of refund can be negotiable.  Customers may need to register to payment services such as PayPal or Payoneer to receive a refund. 

If the concerned transaction disobeyed TERMS & CONDITIONS,  payment will not be refunded.