How To Order

Please fill out and send your request to Shokunin Dou from REQUEST page.  Shokunin Dou will reply to it.

Prices, costs, and delivery time will be mentioned on a reply message or a quotation.

When you agreed with quoted price, please make payment.  Your payment is received as placing order. 

We usually use PayPal for payment but other payment methods (e.g. Bank transfer, Payoneer) are also available.  


  • Shipping cost is not included in listed prices on product pages.
  • Actual color of a product may differ from the color of pictures on the product page due to some factors (e.g. Monitor settings or camera settings during shooting.).
  • Shokunin Dou cannot offer its service with the following items: items that need a qualification or a special permission on trading and exportation, restricted items on exportation to specific areas, and illegal items.
  • Shokunin Dou have a choice to decline any requests or orders from a customer who is considered as the person who might inflict or bring some detriment or troubles to Shokunin Dou.
  • Import duty, customs, and charges are not included in product prices on this website, item prices and shipping charge on a quotation.  Customers, which means receivers, are responsible for those charges.