About Personal Shopper Service...

When you want to buy or look for Japanese products, Shokunin Dou is here to help you.

Shokunin Dou transacts with a seller or a store on behalf of you.

Shokunin Dou spends its time to transact with sellers and look for the products that customer wants to buy.

It's a very simple step.

Just send your requests from the form.

It's free to request!

You can request by writing just what you want or what you are looking for.

Why you need this service...

You may face some problems when you try to buy Japanese items.


Problems in shopping Japanese products

  • You may not understand Japanese language but some stores and sellers only use Japanese.
  • Some stores and sellers ship only in Japan; they don't ship outside of Japan.
  • You found a company which sells products you want but you don't know how to contact them or if they can transact in English.
  • You may not have time to travel and shop in Japan.
  • You may not want to spend your time to transact with sellers.
  • You are looking for a Japanese product but cannot easily find correct one because there is no or less English information.
  • You found a product but you are not sure if that is really the one you waned because you can't figure out the specifications, features, or functions meet your requirements.
In cases like above, Shokunin Dou can help you to buy or find what you want.

Shokunin Dou offers

Japanese language ability

Time to look for a product

Contacts, connections, methods, and ways of purchasing Japanese products

Now, let's send your request to save your time and get what you want.

If you need a help, just contact with me first.

Any small request is welcomed.

Quote request is free of charge.